Fuck You, I'm Famous

by Dead on TV

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Debut EP on WTII Records


released 23 April 2012

Dan Evans - Vocals, Guitar, Gasoline
Chris Smits - Guitar, Bass, Pornography
Vince McAley - Drums, Intimacy Issues

Engineered by
Abel Garibaldi, Dan Evans, and Zach Jarrett

Recorded at
Studio Chicago, Rax Trax, and Slang Recording Services

Mixed by
Abel Garibaldi at Slang Recording Services

Produced by
Abel Garibaldi and Dead on TV

Mastered by
Colin Jordan at The Boiler Room - Chicago, IL

Art and Blood by
Jim Marcus



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Dead on TV
Hey, Hey, I killed Kurt Cobain
You know I sold his face and drove his wife insane
Oh no, I killed my MTV
Got this money for nothing
And these chicks for free
So sad, I shot up Alice & Chains
Makin' all these people put needles in their veins
Ya know, Britney's gonna end up where she belongs
Might even kill herself before I finish this song
Look, look, look at Michael Jackson
Don't you love what I did?
Ain't it attractive?
Dipped him in bleach
Gave him my kids
Put a camera in his face
And got fuckin' rich

Everyone knows I shot 'em down
My camera watched 'em hit the ground
I sold your gods, I shot 'em
Dead on TV
Everyone knows I shot 'em down
My camera watched 'em hit the ground
Next time you see me I'll be
Dead on TV

Bang, bang John Lennon is dead
My TV put a bullet right in his head
Don't you know I killed Joy Division
Tore his love apart and then I hung 'em with it
Well, well, well, Jim, Jimi, and Janis
Killed the fuckin' 60s watch movies about 'em
Hope I die like Elvis Presley
Flushed down the toilet
Drunk bloated and empty
Oh my god I killed Jesus Christ
I watch it on TV every night
Killed him myself
Caught it on tape
Sellin' everyone an afterlife
Track Name: Dirty American
I'll be bombin' all your cities
I'll be killin' all your children
I'll be rapin' all your women
I'll be burnin' up your oil
I'll be fuckin' your religion
While I'm sellin' the world these lies

You'll be worshipping my dollar
You'll be starving on TV
You'll be famous while you're dying
But you'll finally be free
Now I'm leaving you with nothing
But a broken democracy

Dirty American
I'm dirty
I'm dirty
Dirty American
I'm dirty
I'm dirty
Track Name: Fuck You, I'm Famous
Woke up early Tuesday
Kissed my mom and said I loved her
Then I doused her with gasoline
Packed my lunch and went to school
And shot up all my friends and teachers
High on Prozac, I don't feel a thing
And ya can't say this comes as a surprise
It's cheap
It's time I should take mine
Ya know it's gonna make damn good TV

Fuck you, I'm famous
Start your watch
My 15 minutes are almost up
And I'm so useless
I can't stop
Cuz taking lives is all I got
It's all I've got
It's all I've got
It's all I've got

Wednesday drowned my baby
Ya know my god he made me do it
Says he's comin' soon and you will see
Now that everybody's lookin'
And the way out, yeah it's easy
See me bleedin' in the magazine
And ya can't say this comes as a surprise
It's cheap
It's time I should take mine
Ya know it's gonna make damn good TV
Track Name: Cocaine
Give me a taste god
I'm hollow inside
Wanna bleed from my nose
Yeah, I need it to cry
Find me on my knees praying
On the bathroom floor
In the midnight hour
I scream
More, more, more

These lies
So white
I'm dyin'
All night

Don't care what ya say man
Give me all that you got
Sold my soul down a rail
Yeah, don't want this to stop
God, I'm dying to live
Yeah, I gotta get gone
I'm all razors and mirrors
I need it
All night long
Track Name: Last Chance For Love
You're a loaded gun girl
Yeah, I know that you love it
And I hope this kills us both
Hey, look at everyone
You see 'em pullin' the trigger
And it's your turn next
Oh, I'm counting down
Seconds now 'til the bomb drops
And ya hit the ground yeah
Ya know they're gonna love to watch
Your pretty face on the big screen
As you self destruct
I say..

Last chance for love
Last chance for love
Last chance for love
It's your last chance
Your last chance

Girl, you're workin' tryin' to dig yourself a grave now
And kill your lovin' dead
Hey, lookit everyone
Can see you're runnin' on empty
But I fill you up
Oh, your eyes can say
Everything that your mouth can't
Cuz you're chokin' on me
And I can see your bleedin' heart there
Dyin' inside you
Gonna rip it out
I say...